I am on Twitter now

Took me a while to get a Twitter account, but now I am on it I like it!
Check out my posts there. I have lots to say and plenty of new images to show you.
Thanks, Stefan


Beneath a Bridge of Sighs

Beneath a Bridge of Sighs

This work is so difficult to represent as a photograph, so I will try and describe it. –
“The main ground of the painting consists of fifteen coats of ultramarine blue with a delicately blended gradation of phthalo (monestial) blue along the top edge. On this background paint has been applied in generous layers of turquoise, ultramarine, iridescent silver encrusted with viridian and petrol blue sand, graphite and bronze powder. Standing in front of it the surface of the painting shimmers and changes dramatically like looking at the sea (or the pearlised surface of an oyster shell) depending on the observers viewpoint. Because of this the painting lives and could be seen as almost kinetic.”